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1994 Master II Specialized Translation and Language Industry in the Paris 7 University.
- Translation of documents regarding the economy, science and information technology.
- Terminology, linguistic, lexicology, technical writing, documentation.

1993 Master in specialized translation in English/Spanish at the Sorbonne University.

1992 Bachelor degree in Languages for business (LEA) at the Bordeaux III University.

1992 Italian initiation.


Constitution of:

  • a French-Spanish lexicon on urban solid waste management;
  • a French-English lexicon on railroad Rolling stock materials;
  • a unilingual terminology on railroad Rolling stock materials;
  • a bilingual terminology on carbonic maceration (enology);
  • a translation on the « Killer » cells for the wine industry;


1998 8 months in Madrid (Spain) in the Documentation department of Meta4.
1995 5 months in Barcelona (Spain).

1993 1 month in Italy.

1991 2 months in Florida (USA) at Walt Disney World Co. (Public Relationship Department).

1990 2 months in Mexico.

1989 - 1990 1 year in Florida (USA) at Walt Disney World (Wine Representative).